Monday, July 20, 2009

Planetstrike Campaign and Army taboot

With the release of planetstrike my brother and I will be creating armies and running a campaign based around the planetstrike and city fight rules. We will be building up to 2-3k points wise but will be starting at a base of 1k. Ill be working on my blood angels strike force which will contain 2 ten man assault squads, a chaplain w jump pack and a dev squad in drop pod. Ive got a new camera so I'll post pics tonight of the work I've done so far.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well Ive finished the command squad, and the captain, along with their drop pod. I will post pics as soon as I can get my hands on a camera. I must admit that they look absolutely amazing and are just what I needed to push me forward with my painting.

Up next are the sniper scouts. I finished the scout sgt w sniper rifle and will post pics of him when i get that sneaky camera.

As a side note I'll be starting a Khorne Chaos Space Marines List over the next few months followed by a campaign my brother and I will be partaking in. Im so proud of him, he has shown so much enthusiasm for his Black Templars and Orks armies over the past few weeks Its truly fun to play now! Well until next time my friends, stay strong!


Monday, May 18, 2009

WIP Company Champion

Heres a wip pic of the company champion, lemme know what you think

Command Squad Pics

Here's the pic update for you. Its my command squad consisting of Apothecary, Plasma gunner, vet w power sword and standard bearer. a wip pic of the champion is here as well. C & C are greatly appreciated. Thanks


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Command Squad Progress

Luckily I had a little free time this weekend so I took the time to finish up the Apothecary. With his completion I now have the standard bearer, veteran w power sword, and plasma gunner finished. All thats left for the HQ is the Company Champion, Captain Daedalus, and their drop pod. My goal is to have them all completed by the end of this month. I'll see about posting some pics asap.

Ultramarines Drop Force Daedalus (1750)


Captain Daedalus: 130
-Power Sword
-Plasma Pistol

Command Squad: 178
-Company Standard Bearer Lucius w/ Storm Bolter
-Apothecary Diocletian
-Plasma Gunner
-Company Champion Aeneas
-Veteran w/ Power Sword

Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod: 35


Tactical Squad 1 & 2: 190 (380)
-7 marines w Bolters
-1 w Melta Gun
-1 w Multi Melta
-Sgt's Justinian & Nero w/ Power Swords

Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod: 35 (70)

Tactical Squad 3: 200
-7 marines w Bolters
-1 w Meltagun
-1 w Missile Launcher
-Sgt Octavius w Power Fist

Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod: 35

Scout Squad: 137
-Sgt Constantine w sniper rifle
-7 Scouts w sniper rifles
-1 Scout w Missile Launcher


Dreadnought Herodotus: 115
-Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon
-Heavy Flamer

Dedicated Transport: Drop Pod: 35

Terminator Squad: 435
-Sgt Icarus w Power Sword and Storm Bolter
-7 Terminators w Storm Bolters and Power Fists
-1 w Assault Cannon
-1 w Heavy Flamer

Humble beginnings

Alas it is a Sunday night and while I should be studying for the three finals I have this week; I found myself yearning to create a blog so that I may share my works with the world. I am going about completing an Ultramarines army and am using this blog as the push to keep me on track with it. I'll get pic's up as soon as possible so keep an eye out! For now here I'll post my army list and some fluff for it.